FNC Entertainment Building

Besides visiting SM and JYP (which has sadly moved out of their old building) in the Cheongdamdong area, another company that you can definitely pay a visit to is FNC Entertainment. FNC is home to acts such as FT Island, CNBLUE, SF9, AOA, and now even our favourite host Yoo Jaesuk is in this company as well. As with other entertainment companies, this building is … Continue reading FNC Entertainment Building

Sinchon Cheapest BBQ Buffet

So the name of the place isn’t exactly ‘Sinchon Cheapest BBQ Buffet’, but it’s exactly what it means – the cheapest BBQ buffet you can find in Sinchon, and I daresay probably in the whole of Seoul. 9000 won equates to about SGD 10.90 – you have to pay double the price to eat a decent K-BBQ in Singapore, just imagine! We first read about … Continue reading Sinchon Cheapest BBQ Buffet

Hong Kong Banjeom 0410+

Chef Baek Jong-won is famous for all the right reasons, but you might be most familiar with Paik’s Coffee and Paik’s Bibim (both of which you can find in Singapore at pretty high prices tbh). However, he actually has a lot more F&B chains than you might have expected, and this Hong Kong Banjeom 0410+ is one of them. I’m not actually sure why there’s ‘Hong … Continue reading Hong Kong Banjeom 0410+

Kinfolk Kitchen

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from travelling, it’s that sometimes, the unplanned things can be unexpectedly good. We were craving chimaek (chicken + beer), because that is one of the most snack combinations you can get in Korea, but at the same time unable to find one of the more famous chimaek places in Myeongdong. After walking round and round for ages, we settled … Continue reading Kinfolk Kitchen

CAFÉ CHAIN: Caffè Pascucci

Another coffee chain to add to the list! Unlike its Korean counterparts, Pascucci is actually an Italian coffeehouse chain that is run by SPC Group in Korea. But it’s not just any coffee chain – it has appeared in Korean dramas! The outlet in Apgujeong-dong, Gangnam-gu in Seoul, South Korea was used as one of the main filming locations for Seoul Broadcasting System’s 2001 drama Beautiful Days. Unfortunately, I didn’t try this … Continue reading CAFÉ CHAIN: Caffè Pascucci

BUY & TRY: 5 K-Beauty brands to buy in Korea

Most people would agree with me that buying cosmetics and skincare products in Korea is a no-brainer; in fact, I had friends who bought their first beauty products from Seoul, and have stuck with Korean brands ever since. Shopping for cosmetics in Korea has its perks: not only do you get the widest possible range of products in the home country, but also many discounts … Continue reading BUY & TRY: 5 K-Beauty brands to buy in Korea